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Program Director - Faith & Justice Leadership Lab

Organization Name: South Presbyterian Church
Job Post Date: 07 Nov 2019
Job Terms: Part Time
Salary: $24,000 annualy
Anticipated Start Date: 31 Jan 2020

Job Description


The Faith and Justice Leadership Lab is an experimental educational endeavor aimed at supporting children (k-12) to find connection and wholeness, while integrating spirituality and the arts as resources for movement-building and collective liberation. By braiding together faith, justice, and the arts, and using each to explore the others, we hope to give children a strong sense of their belonging and belovedness, and foster in them a commitment to building a more just and beautiful future.


To shape, nurture, and implement the vision for a mold-breaking program of faith and justice learning; and to coordinate and collaborate with diverse partners within and beyond the congregation in the pursuit of this vision. The person in this role will administer a year-round, grant-funded, volunteer-driven, church-based, k-12 educational program. They will be responsible for deepening existing partnerships with interfaith partners and directly impacted leaders/organizations and forming new ones. They will develop and manage a long-range strategy for sustainability and growth including all programs, operations, curriculum, finances, fundraising, and grant-writing.

Responsibilities Include:

? Work closely with the pastor and program launch/steering committee to hone the vision and integrate it with the life and rhythm of South Church.

? Recruit, inspire, mobilize and manage educators, advisors, volunteers, parents and other program leaders.

? Build and maintain robust accountability relationships with directly impacted leaders and interfaith partners.

? Research, produce and implement a plan for ongoing anti-racist and anti-oppression training for program leaders and participants.

? Design and implement a system for reviewing program curriculum, partnerships and needs and for evaluating the success of the program more broadly; report monthly to Board of Elders.

? Promote program – in partnership with Communications Committee - through social media, press and public speaking to build and sustain enrollment and attract new partners and funders.

? Implement congregation’s “Safe Church” and sexual misconduct policies, and propose and implement new policies as needed (permission forms, photo releases, etc.) to protect children; ensure that congregation is properly insured and accountable for all eventualities.

? Create and maintain electronic records related to enrollment, finances, etc.

? Manage program budget, ensure grant compliance, and seek out new funding streams to sustain and grow the program into the future.

Terms of Employment:

? The position is currently funded for 2.5 years but it is our hope to grow the position and make it permanent.

? The position will be part-time – an average of 25 hours/week – with 4 weeks of vacation

? The person in this role will be accountable with the pastor/head of staff or his designee, with guidance from the Faith and Justice Launch/Steering Team, and through them with the congregation’s Board of Elders

? The majority of the work will need to be done onsite and in neighboring communities. Much of it will take place during the evening and on weekends, and sometimes on religious holidays.

We believe that the church has been complicit in systemic injustices that have disproportionately harmed the most marginalized people in society including people of color, immigrants, women, formerly incarcerated folx, disabled folx and LGBTQIA folx. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.


Skills: Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will bring a solid background in and passion for education, community organizing, interreligious cooperation, and the arts. They will be a gifted administrator – detail oriented and skilled at prioritizing, coordinating and simultaneously managing multiple projects and persons. They will come with established relationships with activists of color and have hands-on experience with anti-oppression work.

Organization Description

Our Mission

Aiding one another in the work of becoming more fully human, in the ways that God has given us, through:

Constant Learning: Learning about the many paths to spiritual wisdom and fully-human living. We look to scripture, the model of Jesus, and other traditions for guidance.

Justice Work: Discovering the stories of Jesus and peacemakers like Gandhi, Chavez, Mandela, and King. We work together to live these stories as we care for God’s creation.

The Arts: Celebrating the language of the musician, the poet, the painter, the storyteller and the dancer. We nurture these magical voices that help us plumb the depths of our interior life and external realities.

Inclusion: Striving to follow the radical hospitality of Jesus. Gay, straight, child, elder, believer, non-believer, rich, poor, strong, wounded, all genders, all races, all people are utterly welcome in our work and worship together.

How to Apply


Contact: Drew Paton
Job Post Online Expiration: Thu, 19 Dec 2019 09:06pm


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