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Internal Organizer

Organization Name: Local 49
Job Post Date: 19 Sep 2019
Job Terms: Full Time
Salary: Depending on experience, between $51,896 and $90,038 annualy.

Job Description


SEIU Local 49
Bilingual Union Organizer—Internal Organizing
Summary: The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 49 is now accepting resumes from smart, motivated individuals who have a passion for helping workers fight for better working conditions, dignity on the job, and a more just and humane society for all working families.
Location: Oregon and SW Washington
Job Description: SEIU Local 49 is a growing union and represents over 14,000 workers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. With about 2 million members, SEIU is the largest and fastest-growing union in the United States. Local 49's member leadership has adopted an aggressive internal organizing and representation program that includes recruiting and developing worksite leaders, building workers' political power, and strongly representing our members through direct action and organizing.
Some specific duties shall include:
• Identify, recruit, and develop worksite leaders and move workers into action;
• Develop and implement effective contract campaign plans;
• Motivate and inspire workers to build their union in the face of heavy employer opposition;
• Analytical skills necessary to interpret contract language, investigate and process grievances, prepare contract proposals and bargain, and assist in joint employer/union committees;
• Engaging workers to support our union's political program and our external organizing program;
• Lead & conduct demonstrations, pickets, marches, trainings, meetings, and other events/actions;
• Working long and irregular hours, often including nights and weekend and travel;
• Work in an environment of supportive and challenging supervision that focuses on both winning for our members and developing staff's skills and potential as an integral part of what we do;
• Work on a team that builds the most possible power for our members and conduct internal organizing campaigns that require you to stretch your skills and grow as an organizer;
• Developing worksite leaders' skills to do all of the above.


Skills: Qualifications:
• Passionate dedication to improving the quality of life of working people and enthusiasm to participate in a wide range of activities including external organizing and politics;
• Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, including the ability to successfully relate to people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures;
• Enthusiasm and energy for working with worker leaders to develop their confidence, hope, and skills as worksite leaders;
• Ability to solve problems creatively and think on your feet;
• Must have strong judgment and strategic sense;
• Must be able to perform successfully in both independent and team settings;
• Must be able to succeed in an environment of accountability in meeting the goals of the campaign and Union;
• Must be willing to participate in a strong program of staff development that fosters and challenges you to develop your skills, experience, and leadership.
• Internal union experience: contract enforcement, bargaining, and experience with grievance procedures
• Minimum one year of experience in mobilizing or recruiting others in a union or comparable social justice organization; minimum 6 months experience working in an internal setting
• Must have a valid driver's license and automobile for work use;
• Computer literacy;
• Bilingual (Spanish) required
• Must be willing to travel regionally and nationally for extended periods of time.
Salary range from $51,896 annually to $90,038 and includes car allowance and full benefit package: generous defined-benefit pension, fully covered family healthcare, 401k match, generous leave.
If this interests you, contact Dave Cutler at, no later than Friday, August 9.
SEIU is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer
Women and people of color encouraged to apply

Apply Here:


How to Apply

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Job Post Online Expiration: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 02:24pm


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