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Communications Director

Organization Name: Courage Campaign
Job Post Date: 09 Aug 2019
Job Terms: Full Time
Salary: Depending on experience, between $72,000 and $88,000 annualy.
Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible

Job Description

The Communications Director will own Courage Campaign’s story. This includes supervising messaging on all of Courage Campaign’s external communications, including press releases, statements, media advisories, editorial content such as op-eds and LTEs, member emails, and social media.

You will work with and direct our public relations consultants to develop relationships with reporters and media influencers, leading Courage Campaign’s effort to become the voice of the progressive left in California politics.

You will supervise our social media team and lead our strategy to increase the reach and impact of our social media presence. You will be responsible for owning messaging on all of our campaigns and consulting with experts so that our campaigns are always using the most strategic and effective messaging frames and talking points. And you will participate in team discussions, leading brainstorms to develop earned media tactics to support campaigns.

You will be the lead writer of all press releases and op-eds while providing message guidance for colleagues to use in emails and social media posts.


Skills: ? Extensive experience (ideally more than five years) working in public relations/communications/media, at an advocacy organization, or as part of a firm.
? Ability to articulate progressive values and connect them to Courage Campaign’s programs in a way that is powerful and emotionally resonant
? Deep interest in and knowledge of California politics and media
? Experience in intersectional communications, bringing a strong equity lens to all aspects of the work
? Ability to weave policy and advocacy into effective messages that move audiences
? Knowledge of and/or direct experience with social media best practices
? Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills
? Sharp strategic instincts, analysis, and judgment
? Ability to work well on a team with both colleagues and partners
? Experience managing complex projects from start to finish, independently and as part of a team
? Passion for progressive politics and social justice and interest in a broad set of issues
? Strong work ethic and a marked ability to produce work independently

Organization Description

Founded in 2005, Courage Campaign organizes on a wide variety of issues and envisions California as a model of progressive, equitable, and truly representative democracy that sets the standard for our country. To get there, Courage Campaign believes that we must call out corruption and oppression, improve coordination and collaboration between progressive organizations, and demand that our representatives be both accountable to and reflective of the people they seek to serve.

Courage Campaign’s analysis emphasizes the fact that most modern elections are not decided by ideology, as commonly presented in the media. Instead, in order to win, we must engage underrepresented base voters -- particularly young adults, people of color, and self-identified progressives -- who will provide more votes and support bolder policy solutions when compared with older, whiter, more conservative, “swing” voters. By expanding the base, Courage knows that we can win without sacrificing our values or transformational policy.

Courage also prioritizes deep collaboration with partners, constantly working to ensure that our policy goals reflect the needs of our communities, that our campaigns highlight work led by others, and our programs complement those of our allies. Lastly, Courage leverages cutting- edge technology to engage voters through innovative tactics and messaging via online, mobile, and social platforms/tools.

How to Apply

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please submit your application ASAP to The application deadline is Monday, August 19, 2019. No cover letters, please.

Please put “Communications Director” in the subject line and attach: 1) your resume? (or the URL of your LinkedIn profile) 2) responses to the application questions below. Please use the following format to name the file(s) you attach: “First_Last_Resume" and "First_Last_Questions".

1. Draft a short press release (300 words or less) for Courage Campaign taking a position on a current political issue or announcing a new campaign. Feel free to be creative.
2. We're looking for applicants that are connected to the many diverse communities of California -- including communities of color, immigrant and migrant communities, and queer and trans communities to name a few. What are the networks and communities that you are a part of? (150 words or less)
3. Why are you interested in leading Courage Campaign’s communications work? (150 words or less)
4. What experience(s) have prepared you for this position? (150 words or less)
5. In what ways has your experience with social media impacted your communications strategy?
6. If you have a publicly active Twitter or Instagram handle, please share it.
7. We want to learn how applicants find out about our job openings. How did you learn about it? One word answers are fine. (i.e. Idealist, a specific person)

Application Due: Mon, 19 Aug 2019
Job Post Online Expiration: Fri, 20 Sep 2019 03:45pm


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