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Actions Training and Development Coordinator

Organization Name: Greenpeace USA
Job Post Date: 11 Jun 2019
Job Terms: Full Time

Job Description

Greenpeace USA (GPUS) is hiring an Actions Training and Development Coordinator to be responsible for coordinating and implementing a comprehensive, dynamic and energetic activist program that identifies, trains, and develops capable volunteers for participation in Greenpeace non-violent direct actions. The Actions Training and Development Coordinator develops and implements skills trainings in their areas of expertise and facilitates trainings in others. They will also coordinate field events, direct actions and other activities as directed by the Action Team Director, Action Team Deputy Director or Activist Program Manager.

The Actions Training and Development Coordinator reports to the Activist Program Manager to facilitate the involvement of all Action Team staff, as well as other staff and non-staff specialists, in support of the Activist Program. They will work with other relevant Greenpeace departments to identify creative ways in which Greenpeace supporters and volunteers can participate safely in direct actions in a wide variety of roles.

The position will be based in Washington, DC and will work often at the warehouse, where many of the trainings take place and where training gear is housed and maintained. The successful candidate will work with the warehouse staff to facilitate and maintain the spaces.

This role will:

Competently assess the safety and risk management in all direct action and training environments for all parties involved.
Develop and implement Activist program curricula.
Travel on regular basis through USA and internationally as required.
Recruit and develop professional relations with new activists.
Consult with Action Campaigners to identify future action capacity needs.
Design and implement Non-Violent Direct Action and action skills trainings.
Work closely with the Activist Program team to maintain the database of activist profiles including information on skills, trainings, action experience, legal history, exposure history, driving record, etc.
Maintain active relationships with other activist and volunteer groups and networks regarding opportunities for activists, and develop new sources for recruiting activists as necessary.
Lead and manage teams of staff, volunteers, and activists in the field
Other duties as assigned by the Activist Program Manager.


Skills: Minimum requirements include:

Experience working with and managing activists and/or activist networks.
Experience as a trainer in one or more of: non-violent direct action, boat driving, climbing, blockades, art in activism/prop building, field research, anti-oppression/collective liberation, wilderness first aid.
Ability to connect with cross section of society/diverse groups: cultures, age groups, etc.
Excellent written and oral communications skills
Excellent organizing, project management, and planning skills
Ability to work effectively in a team environment
Commitment to non-violence and skilled in conflict resolution
Understanding of environmental and peace issues
Understanding of health and safety issues relating to direct actions
Current driving license
Ability and willingness to travel extensively
Additional qualifications include, but are not limited to:

Experience/expertise in tactical communications and electronic equipment, the geeky language of computers and how they work and think, two-way radio communications (equipment including UHF, VHF and airband), wireless transmission and reception devices, radio frequency scanners, antennae and antennae systems, gizmos, gadgets, etc.
Experience working with ships or other vessels

How to Apply

Apply here -

Contact: Ishmael Herord
Job Post Online Expiration: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:13pm


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